Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Letter O

O is for Orange


Hi Everyone!
Hope you enjoyed last week's tags as I did, and had fun with this week's.
I chose the colour orange as my theme this week.  In the photo it hasn't come out the bright orange it is, unfortunately.
I made some orange strips using  rubbings made with wax crayons and a cheese grater, interwoven with transfer printed orange paper which I stamped with flowers to make a pattern. I put the weaving onto orange card stock.
I am always amazed at what my brain comes up with!
Look forward to your O tags.


  1. Lovely idea. Now, what about the cheese? Valerie

  2. Lovely tag with a unique idea! :0) Mo

  3. Lovely tag Jane, reminds me of my C&G days if you get to point where you don't know what to do, cut it up and weave it...take it that that bit further! lol sometimes I did this and it didnt work :/ I love weaving and its turned out lovely in your tag.

  4. Gorgeous paper weave Jane - using the cheese grater is a fun idea though I hope you don't eat red leicester when you should be eating edam! ;-)

  5. I love this - perfect design work!

  6. Lovely idea - very effective. Carolyn xx

  7. Wow! what 'grate' idea. I would never have thought of that. So much originality of thought on Tag tuesday.

    Pat x

  8. What a amazing idea, using the cheese grater, I shall have to look at my kitchen equipment in a new light! x


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