Tuesday, 16 April 2013

O is for... Odd Otto's Ox eye daisies

Dear Uncle OTTO, he looked quite normal when he was found under a dock leaf many years ago. Who would have thought he'd turn out somewhat, well, eccentric, to put it nicely ;-)

I used a photo of OX eye daisies for the background, gave ODD OTTO a pair of wings and a crown, trimmed the bottom with a bit of antique French metallic braid and cut out vintage images of OX eye daisy bells for a kind of tassel trim.

I am fond of Uncle OTTO, a bit of ODDness is quite charming really.

Off to France tonight, at long last. Toodlepip xxx


  1. Well done and very fun! I actually had a great-uncle Otto!

  2. Ein fantastisches und interessantes Tag.
    Die Glocken unten am Rand sind total witzig :-)

    Liebe Grüße von Sophie xx

  3. Oddly & outlandishly funny :0) Mo

  4. love your tag, the detail, everything, beautiful! the daisy bells are so sweet!...enjoy France :)

  5. Love Uncle Otto! The Ox eye bells make a fab trim to complete the wonderful crazy tag, Have a lovely time in France.

  6. I love this quirky tag! Welcome back to France! Enjoy. Carolyn xx

  7. Great tag, lots of fun!
    Jane x

  8. Crazily, cleverly original. I love it. You have photographed it beautifully too.

    Pat x

  9. This made me smile in a very good way! Dear Uncle Otto, very well done! x


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