Friday, 19 April 2013

O is for Opposite

Hello everyone, fantastic N tags last week!  It was great to see all your inspiring tags again.

For this week’s O theme I have used Opposite styles of calligraphy.  The bold and condensed words in Black Letter  are Overlaid with a spidery, scrawly script written with a fine silver pen, (this is my usual handwriting!).  The silver words are some of the definitions of opposite: conflicting, contradictory, contrary,  opposing, differing, discordant, and incompatible.    I backed the tag onto handmade paper painted with silver ink.   The two layers are tied together with a silver ribbon.   The wispy fibres of the torn edges contrast well with the black pages of my tag book.
This photo shows the two pens I used.

This photo also shows an Oblique pen. The Oblique Penholder is especially designed for Copperplate writing - it helps the nib point in the right direction!  I haven’t tried this yet – I’ll let you know next week if it works!

An Oblique cut is when a nib is cut at an angle instead of at 90 degrees. Often used for left-handed pens. 

That’s all for now,  have a wonderful creative week!

Love Jane xx


  1. Beautiful, and a great idea with the shadow script on top! Valerie

  2. Another great calligraphy tag Jane. You're going to have an amazing collection :0) Mo

  3. simply beautiful... lovely!

  4. Wow beautiful writing! interesting looking pen :)

  5. What a good idea, combining the two different styles. Looking forward to seeing your copperplate! Carolyn xx

  6. Lovely tag with two different styles!
    Jane x

  7. Yet another stunning tag, I like this script very much. x


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