Friday, 5 February 2016


Bonjour to all my lovely tag friends!

I considered all sorts for this week's theme but most of my ideas required finer art skills than I possess!  Then I came up with something completely different - do you remember making those wonderful shadow monsters on your bedroom wall when you were little?  Well, that is what I have gone with.  I inked the tag then added some fun shadow monsters cut on my Curio.  Hope you like it - don't be scared!!

Have a good weekend everyone.
Carolyn xx


  1. Awwww, can I take him home? :) Lovely done!

  2. Rather cute, not so scary and I still make shadow monsters with my grandchildren. Great idea for this theme

  3. My grandchildren would love your monster. Great idea, he looks good against the background colour.

  4. A gorgeously bonkers little shadow creature. Lovely original interpretation.
    Pat X


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