Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Foxes - such a great theme to explore! This week I was inspired by a Japanese folk tale to paint a little water colour which I over stamped with some calligraphy. I had planned to fill the whole tag with the painting, but somehow I had a big space at the bottom left, so I wrote a little summary of the story.  "Kitsune" is the word Japanese use for fox /fox spirit, but it also has other meanings in classical Japanese, "kitsu ne " means "come and sleep", and "ki tsune" means "always". 

 Here is a 'nice" version of the story as you can imagine there are  also different interpretations of the woman as a fox trickster.
Once there was a man who married a beautiful woman. She had no family, but she was lovely of mien and manner, and he brought her to his home. In time, she bore him children, and they were very happy.
One day, a dog ran into their house, and it ran at the woman, barking. The woman was very frightened, and as the dog rushed at her, she transformed into a fox and fled.
The man was stunned to learn he had wed a shape-shifting fox — but he loved his wife. He followed her and said, “You are a fox, but you are my wife and the mother of my children. I love you. Please return with me.”
And so, every night, the fox returned and stayed with the man, and tended her children. And though he knew she was a fox, he loved her, and they were very happy. (from http://lauravanarendonkbaugh.com/the-first-day-of-kitsune/) 


  1. Absolutely fantastic Wilma! Hugs, Valerie

  2. This is stunning and such a great post as well as a great tag

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. So clever to use a folk tale as the theme for your tag! Wonderful tag!

  4. Fabulous, a really super tag, with lots of information.

  5. the tag and the story are both beautiful and magical! xo

  6. What a lovely tag Wilma! I love a tag with a story.
    Great work!
    Jane x


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