Monday 23 January 2012

A little book of white

Popping in at the eleventh hour with my "white" tags and, no doubt, will be popping back some time to replace these photos too as they are rubbish ... so hard to capture the colour white truly in the winter darkness of my cottage ... but here they are anyway

I made four tags in varying sizes and tied them together with a white chiffon ribbon

the first and smallest tag has a perfect little white sand dollar
given to me by my friend Cathie in North Carolina ...

... the next tag (slightly larger) is cut from mulberry paper with a layer of chiffon to which I attached a little white cottage, some snowflakes and text "little white cottage"

... the third tag ... getting larger ... features another cottage on a white mulberry textured tag on a layer of cotton scrim with a long white shell I found on the beach. I glued on the words "on warm white sand" and stitched on some white shells and beads ... honestly they are there ... will get a better photo soon!

... then for the fourth and largest tag I used a natural parcel tag. This one is layered up quite a bit more (my main tag) using satin that I melted to bubble up like St. Ives cobbles, more cotton scrim, white cottages, limpet shells, buttons, beads, jewellery clasps containing pearls and more text "white houses on the harbour side"

I love my little book ... I think we may have a book theme in February and I will be posting the February themes soon as I know some of you love to make ahead!

Thank you all so much for posting your beautiful art tags
you are truly making this a wonderful blog to visit

I'm sorry we are no longer able to take new members
on the blog as we are a very large group now

I am now making a new list of artists that are playing along with Tag Tuesday. These players are following the themes listed here on this blog and posting their tags on their own personal blogs ... so if you would like to see more beautiful tags then pop along to see them and say hello. If you would like your blog added to that list please send me an email and I will do that for you ♥

a new theme tomorrow ...

is everyone happy?

just send me an email if I can help with anything
bye for now
Carolyn ♥

ps. will be along to comment on all tags later


  1. Carolyn your tag book is so wonderfully done, love all the different things you have added.

  2. This is so original. Totally love the concept. Hugs Mrs A. (aka valeryanne.)

  3. What a great idea! I think your pics are perfectly fine! J

  4. What a unique project! Your tag book is absolutely adorable and the pics seem to be fine.... thank you for the challenges, they are great fun and so inspirational.

  5. How beautiful! Thanks for organising this blog. I'm really enjoying it, and learning so much!

  6. This is lovely! Thanks for adding my name to your blog list. My white tag is posted today. Looking forward to tomorrow's theme.

  7. Great tags-- photography is fine too! I think everyone is enjoying this blog very much... Thanks bunches!!

  8. oh what a beautiful book , i love your simple houses too....

  9. Carolyn, the blog has been/ is a runaway success!!We love it!!!The book idea is terrific!!Just up my street. I'm posting early as it is Tuesday here..we are 16+ hours ahead of you. Is that ok?

  10. How very you Carolyn! Delightful tags and a wonderful idea as a tag book. Really lovely.

    The blog is a runaway success and you are probably wise to close membership now! Looking forward to February's themes.


    1. Hi Carolyn, I love your little book of white tags, great idea, photos are fine too, Jane xx

  11. The little cottages gave you away :) beautiful set of tags!
    thanks for this wonderful blog, makes me go and make something each week amongst all the dusty and chaos here.

  12. I love those cottages! Very happy with this blog - everyone is so creative and friendly, Connie. x

  13. Hi Carolyn, Just love your book of tags fantastic idea, Tag Tuesday is a pleasure to be part off everyone is so positive it's a roaring success, Thank you Carolyn for all your hard work in making it possible, Hugs May x x x x x

  14. This is a brilliant tag book that captures the sea in winter and such a good idea for next month! Thank you so much for hosting this challenge, it must be such a lot of work for you but it is really stimulating. xx

  15. Carolyn, the pictures are lovely, the tags are amazing, the book idea is genius!! I just absolutely love the cottages and the shells.

  16. Thanks - these are just beautiful - what a great idea to make a tag book and many many thanks for Tag Tuesday. It is such a success not just because of the fantastic art being produced but because of the wonderful spirit generated by the group - a gathering of kindred creative souls.

  17. Hello Carolyn
    I love your book tag. What a great idea. I also love the idea of next months being a book theme. I love books :-)

  18. AMAZING!!! I love your tag book! It is so great. Sabine

  19. wonderful tags and a fantastic idea - a little tag book :0)

    Also many thanks for the opportunity with tag tuesday and the work you put in to keep it running! lovely to meet here every tuesday ;0)


  20. Oh how beautiful these tags are, nestled together. Love those little white houses, so 'you'

    ps I'm happy!

  21. This is amazing, I love, love, love it ..... great idea!

  22. Hi Carolyn

    I'm happy now. Had a little cretive 'blip' for a couple of weeks but back now and next weeks tag is already made :)

    I love what you did this week.... I knew it was yours as soon as I saw it. Beautiful!

  23. Hi Carolyn, Thank you for the beautiful white tags, how inspirational and creative, with
    your almost 'trademark' sweet little cottages. Am really happy joining in this challenge
    and am finding it very nourishing to attempt something different each week. Am off
    to visit relatives tomorrow so will be posting early this week, and thinking of Lace for
    Yes, am very happy,
    very best wishes
    Valerie R.

  24. Carolyn...I lurve your tag book!....those little white cottages and shell embellies are wonderful!! Thank you so much for hosting this challenge, it must be such a lot of work for you but it is really fabulous to meet here each Tuesday and see so many inspirational tags from so many inspirational artists. Thanks again for running it.
    Jan x

  25. Wow, Carolyn, what a lot of work went into your beautiful tag book! I love Tag Tuesday!

  26. I LOVE this tag[book] and not least of all the wee cottages.
    One day I must come to St. Ives..

  27. This little tag book is fantastic- I love the little cottages!

  28. As ever - you have just blown my mind! You always come up with something original. xxxx

  29. Hi Carolyn!
    Your tag book is a vision! Just luscious!

    *smiles* Norma


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