Thursday, 23 August 2012

Table Games

Hi everyone, lovely lovely games tags being posted! I wanted to portray Cluedo because it is a game we all love but have spent a lot of time mulling over how to do it as I do not have any spare pieces. Then I remembered my Stampotique family, I just love these stamps and often dress them up as different characters or write stories about them. So here is my take on the suspicious group of individuals all claiming innocence at the Manor!
First comes Karin aka Mrs White. I left her pretty much as she is but added a maids cap from a punched piece of card. She swears she was in the hall because the light had gone out and she wanted to leave the candle burning by the front door! Hmmmm, not sure about
that one!
Next comes Dweeze who says he is Professor Plum and was in the library doing some research, but I want to know why he is holding that smoking gun, he says he was having a look at the collection and it went off by mistake, bit shifty if you ask me.
Next comes Prom Queen, who insists she is Mrs Peacock. Well she sure don't look married to me and I don't believe she was in the Study trying to mend the record player with a spanner, so she 'aint fooling no one!
Eric might be sporting long trousers but that moustache looks fake and he can't be old enough to be a Colonel, and you don't play billiards with a piece of lead pipe now do you?

 Sorry Olivia, that sweet innocent expression doesn't cut the ice, the scarlet dress is a dead give away, we don't believe you wanted the rope to practice macrame and butter wouldn't melt in your mouth pouts never look look good on a mug shot!
Do you know what Smile, you make a great vicar, especially with the dog collar, but much as we want to believe a man of the cloth that doesn't look like an envelope opener to us, so you had better come up with a more believable story than that!
Finally I topped them with a layout of the Manor, ie. the board to which I added the word Murder! and a gruesome skull and crossbones!
Off now to look at all your lovely games, have a good week. x


  1. Wow, were you busy! Very cool take on the game! Fab!

  2. Bravo. Your series of the usual suspects in Clue, and their manor is just precious. Blessings!

  3. Great set of tags, and those characters are totally cooooooool and very suspicious! Valerie

  4. What a wonderful cast of colorful characters! This is so well done. I particularly like the weapons like the lead pipe and the little rope. This is just fantastic!

  5. This is so creative! I love Clue and your take on it is brilliant!

  6. Absolutely fantastic Barb!! Bravo!! Those characters and descriptions made me chuckle. What a fabulous imagination :0)

  7. Brilliant...absolutely brilliant!
    The tags, drawings, colours, theme the whole kit and kaboodle! ;D
    You've certainly had fun by the look of it.
    Thanks for popping by my place earlier. I'm just sorry it took me so long to visit you...but I'm so glad I did!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Happy WOYWW
    Neesie #11

  8. Fantastic tags Barb!!...What a cool idea to use the Stampotique family as cluedo suspects!! ..LOVE the colouring, weapons...well everything really! :)

  9. Love how you've adapted the stamps! Really characterful and fun.

  10. Wonderfully apt characters you have created Barb. They look so naughty yet so cute too! Rev Green looks like butter wouldn't melt but may just sizzle!! I don't think that Cludo should have a Disney version I think they should adopt yours. Fab Tag!

  11. Oh my......what can I say such creative tags, loving those Stampotique stamps. Lovely set

    It's got to be tag of the week Barb
    Lynn x

  13. What a great idea - these are Fab!

  14. I adore your genius take on this table game fab tags and Brill idea xx

  15. What a great idea and each tag is beautifully executed! What a lots of work... outstanding!
    Best, Mary Ann

  16. Fantastic characters, they all look a bit suspicious to me! great tags, Jane xx

  17. One of my favourite games growing up. I just love what you have done with the theme and the characters. Wonderful, wonderful tags!!!


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