Saturday, 25 August 2012

Table Games

I love Monopoly. We have spent many an afternoon or evening playing the game with the children or with friends. I also love Lord of the Rings, and we have spent many a night or an afternoon watching the trilogy. So, when the Lord of the Rings Monopoly game came out, we just had to have it. It is so much fun!

I sacrificed one bank note from the game and cranked up the ancient printer to get a couple of ( really crappy quality ) images for this tag -

Thanks for stopping by! I'll try my best to visit you all in between thunderstorms (when I have to unplug everything so that we don't lose yet another phone or modem/router).

Toodlepip xxx


  1. Don't be so harsh on yourself, the photo's are quite good actually. Great wee tag, love your characters standing guard over t :0)

  2. Lovely tag! Hope the thunderstorms soon blow over - but preferably not in my direction! Valerie

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  4. Great idea to use a banknote from the game...fab lil tag!

  5. What a clever tag! I especially like the use of the bank note!
    Best, Mary Ann

  6. Great tag, nice to see the whole board. I didn't realise there were so many versions, I used Disney Monopoly for my tag. Jane xx

  7. Wow Liz, your tag is fantastic and so are Lord of the Rings, I love the trilogy.
    Hugs Anni


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