Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Table games

For my family, there is really one board game that trumps the rest - Scrabble. We've all played for years and for a long time, it was almost impossible to beat my mother who almost has a PhD in English. She got involved in swimming and retired from teaching, so she never finished her dissertation but her knowledge makes her a fierce competitor. I have to tell you that I deliberately angled the letter tiles a little off because they never stay straight on the board when you play.  I used a copy of a vintage board and Tim Holtz distressing products to make it look older but in the end, it made it look weird and the angled tiles made it look sloppy. I'll probably try again later in the week but for now, here's Scrabble.
Scrabble Fun Facts
There are 100 tiles in the game.
There are 2 blank tiles.
There are 96 two letter words that can be played. 3 have no vowels: HM,MM, and SH.
The pink square in the middle of the board is an unmarked double word score.
The letter E has 12 tiles in the game, more than any other letter.
A bingo occurs when all 7 tiles in the hand are played in one word. This is worth the word score plus 50 points.


  1. Scrabble is indeed a great game, and your tag is lovely! Valerie

  2. What a great tag-- love that you spelled out Tag Tues. And you are soooo right about the tiles never staying straight! Very clever!

  3. Awesome tag Martha. I love scrabble and it's great fun when we decide to mix it up like 'no words beginning with S' for example. Amazing how many words beginning with S are all you can think of then, haha. :0)

  4. Such a fab tag...scrabble is one of my fave table games... Love that you used tiles to spell 'tag tuesday' very clever...

  5. Love the aged look of the board - it reinforces the idea of a much played and much loved game, thank you for the Scrabble fun facts, Jane xx

  6. Oh the factoids on scrabble are great. I may have to pinch them for my Sunnybank day centre craft day.
    Lynn x

  7. This looks my old Scrabble board! Your tag reminds me of ots of stories, family squabbles about words, and hours of fun around the Scrabble board. !

  8. Love it. My wife and I love to play scrabble using my iPhone app when we're waiting at for a theater production or other public function to start. Blessings!

  9. Scrabble is brilliant and so is tnis tag! x

  10. You are just too hard on yourself. But it's probably because you haven't seen your sister in so long.
    I miss you!
    Love, Mary Ann

  11. I just love your tag! it looks awesome, and I love your factoids. It was one of my favourite games too!


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