Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Hi everyone, this is coming in just under the wire...why you ask? Because I did a circus themed tag instead and didn't realize till this afternoon. SOooo..I went off to our local amusement park which has a merry-go-round that is of quite historic significance. The city of Fort William bought it in 1934 when the travelling carnival it was part of went bankrupt. It is a C.W. Parker carousel and only 1 of 3 similiar carousels that are known to exist. The ride is operational and several children were excited to go on! I snapped a lot of photos and also some of the other rides; Tilt-a-Whirl, Bumper cars, airplanes, tanks and boats that go around in a circle. It was a hot afternoon, 29 C. and 34 C with the humidex! This park is at a beach so a lot of people were playing in the water. I used to go there a lot when I was little, with my sisters and cousin. There was a terrifying(at the time) roller coaster as well that they have recently taken down due to safety issues. I say they are 45 years too late!!!!
I edited the picture using picmonkey, which I hadn't used before, and added the words "merry-go-round" in one of their cool fonts. I used 7 gypsy paper as a base on black cardstock and also used black cardstock for a frame on my picture. I used an older set of embellishments (star sticker and stick on brads) from Me&My Big Ideas.
p.s. see you tomorrow with my circus tag!


  1. I love the photograph you took of the carousel. You did an excellent job with the tag, and would have never known it was done at the last minute. Blessings!

    PS - Know you're ready to post the Circus tag. LOL!

  2. Lovely tag, better late than never! Valerie

  3. Glad you made it, lovely tag! x

  4. Beautiful photo...and a fabulous tag!

  5. How gorgeous-- love that horse!

  6. Great to go to a place that's familiar to get inspiration! Thanks for sharing your great tag, and your memories.

  7. Lovely tag ivy. You have framed your lovely photo beautifully. You have captured the essence of those lovely old carousel horses.


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