Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Here is my very, very, very  late entry for what is now last weeks tag theme.  I had started this in plenty of time and had made the coconuts on their stands and I had selected the papers I wanted to use - It just had to be my favourite Graphic 45 papers for this tag ........ and then life took over!

My youngest decided to fall when doing a flick in Gymnastics and he is now nursing a broken wrist and a fractured arm!  Not one to do things by halves. ;-)  The fantastic NHS have sorted him out though and he now has an impressive cast on his right wrist and a splint on his left.  So as you can imagine my usual crafting time has gone out the window and I am late for everything!!

I am sure you won't mind if I do enter this anyway as my coconuts really are cute (if I say so myself!!)  Hmmmmmm I think that sentence needs a photo caveat! .........

It's funny but I have sung along to this little tune many a time and didn't realise it was about a coconut shy at the fair!

Had a good day today as Callum went back to school and I had a good catch up with myself.  I have one card left to make for my day of teaching on Friday and I may even get a bit of time to make my Circus tag - More Graphic 45 I think!!

I am looking forward to catching up with what lovely tags you have all been making.  Have a great week.........See you soon with my Circus tag.........Touch Wood ;-D


  1. OMgoodness, poor wee mite I hope he's not in too much pain. It must be very difficult to do many things for himself for the next wee while. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Your tag is excellent. I was surprised how many people don't know about coconut shys. I love the song words you've put on it too :0)

  2. love your tag! I have not heard of a coconut shy before, but it seems I am in good company...LOL.
    Hope your little guy is doing well and recovers quickly!

  3. What a fun tag and so much work. Very nice.

  4. Your tag was worth the wait. Hope your son will heal quickly. Blessings!

  5. Your coconuts look just delicious - great piece! Valerie

  6. This is just brilliant, I so love the coconuts! Glad you had time to finish it, hope your lad managed at school with his casts. x

  7. Oh dear! Speedy recovery to your child! Wonderful tag too!

  8. Great FUN FAIR tag, love the coconut shy with the stripey posts, colourful balls, and the background graphics. Sounds like your son is trying to enter the Paralympics! Hope he's better soon. I've got a song going round in my head now, thank you! Jane xx

  9. Stupendous coconut shy - what a lot of work you have put into this! Love it. Hope your son is soon mended. Carolyn x

  10. How fantastic I am so glad you did it and showed it to us.
    Lynn x

  11. Fabulous tag Helen... Brilliant take on the theme.. May x

  12. Awww, wishing your son a speedy recovery!! Poor mite!
    Another fantastic tag helen...You sure do have a lovely bunch of coconuts!! Very cool!!


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