Tuesday, 9 October 2012


When the rain beats upon my window pane
I think of summer days again,
And dream of you.
The Summer Song Chad and Jeremy 1964
First, I took a picture of raindrops and printed it on transparency film.
Then, I drew a frame and cut out the areas that would be the windows.
I attached the window frame to the transparency printed with the rain.
Next, I took another piece of transparency and drew two young lovers kissing under a tree.
I put cardboard pieces between the door frame and the transparency to create space between the two.
The result was okay. I was not satisfied with it but... we all know how that goes!



  1. Very cool! Looks like rain to me!

  2. Oh but tjis is clever, I love it! x

  3. Ooh, I love this! Very atmospheric.

  4. What is there not to like. You are much too hard on yourself. A pat on the back is required here I think!! This is such a super tag. The coupe kissing in the rain a fabulous twist. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. This is just beautiful Martha. There's a sweet romantic story in this tag! :D

  6. Very clever, all the elements come together to make quite an abstract image. Jane xx

  7. Wow what a cool tag...very clever :)

  8. Fabulous.... very clever... May x x x

  9. lovely tag, nice effects !

  10. That's a really clever design. Blessings!


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