Friday, 16 November 2012

Sepia Apologies

I'm very behind with my tags and my comments for which I apologise.

I've been looking at all the wonderful tags but haven't felt up to commenting.....

The past few weeks have been difficult ones (culminating in two funerals in the space of four days this week) and my mojo has deserted me.

Hopefully this weekend will be the start of a more relaxed and peaceful time and I can join in again.

Hugs to you all. xx


  1. Hope you are inspired again soon.
    Hope you find peace in your crafting.
    Lynn x

  2. Sending best wishes for the return of peace and a fruitful mojo :0) Mo

  3. know how you must be feeling, inspiration will return, hang in there x

  4. oh bless you - hope things feel better soon x

  5. Sorry to hear your sad news, Bless You!Look forward to happier times soon, Jane xx

  6. Best Wishes to you. I hope you are feeling up to joining in soon.

  7. Sending you hugs, don't worry about keeping up with comments we all have days, weeks, months even when even that seems like an impossible task. I read and appreciate every comment that are on my tags but I never stop to think who hasn't commented. Tag Tuesday is about enjoying, being creative and having fun with themes :) be kind to yourself and join in when your ready and you can x


Great to have you here, thanks for commenting and hope to see you again soon!