Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Winter landscape

I am very sorry for the late entry,
but I hope you will all forgive me!
It was lovely and frosty this morning,
and I thought I would take
a photo of my tag on a little holly seedling
that has appeared in my garden!
I have waited so long for these
lovely little matchboxes
and I wanted to use one of them


  1. I've used matchboxes for projects too. Aren't they fun?

  2. This looks sooo pretty on the frozen holly seedling.
    Crafting with matchboxes? Hmm, something I must look into perhaps - Mo :0)

  3. So sweet! Great idea to use a matchbox.

  4. Such a cute idea - love it! Looks perfect against the iced holly :o)

  5. Thats different! Looks very effective, love how tou've photographed it against the holly. x

  6. Beautiful idea! Is this thinking outside or inside the box?! Jane xx

  7. Snow in a box... she shall have snow wherever she goes :) love it x


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