Saturday, 26 January 2013

B is for bird and C is for crown...

For "B" I did a quick altered rolodex card, based on a pop-up format. Here the image is unopened:
And here, I've pulled the tab and another bird is revealed:
For "C" I am showing an altered rolodex card which I did last week. The theme was 'crowns' and I pulled a number of crowns from J-P Basquiat's paintings and put them together in a collage style:
I've been using rolodex cards and altering them so that my art wheel can fill up. Here is what is looks like:
Thank you for sharing your fabulous art. I enjoy viewing them very much. See you soon I hope, Norma, x
p.s. these cards can be used as tags by writing the to and from on the back!


  1. Your birds are wonderful! Love the crowns too! And how cool on a rolodex! Clever!

  2. What a fabulous idea of using a rolodex!! Great B & C tags and your name tag is great too :0) Mo

  3. I really want to make tags! It is on list of things to do. I love the roladex idea! I am following you now!

  4. I agree with Patty! I want to put the alphabet tags on my list---need to get caught up with A & B. But I got C done by combining with another tag prompt.
    I love your tags-- so unique-- and the rolodex idea!

  5. Great idea of how to store them and lovely designs!

  6. Beautiful work - such a clever tag and great idea to use the roladex! :o)

  7. Love the birds card Norma and I like your idea of using the rolodex cards

  8. So very clever - love especially the dimensional bird tag and your display solution.


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