Wednesday, 13 February 2013

F is for Flourishing

Hello everyone, hope you are all well and keeping warm.  Thank you for all your comments on my Ex Libris tag, they are much appreciated. Wilma asked ‘How many pen strokes are in this elaborate E?’ well, I tried to count them and gave up after 76!

This week I used a similar technique to write and draw with Flourishes. Flourishes are ornamental curves in writing, strokes and swirls used to decorate or enhance letters.

First I used Flourished Italic hand to write ‘Flourishing’ with a large Flourish on the bottom.  I feel like The Queen when I do this! I used a dip pen (pictured) for this.  I love using a dip pen and F is one of my favourite letters to write, it is such a flourish just on its own!

Next I used a smaller nib to draw a bird in flight, using just Flourished pen strokes.   

Next, just to prove that you don’t need any special equipment, etc. to practice your calligraphy, I wrote ‘Flourishing’ again, this time using a Felt Tip Pen, a Fountain Pen , and a thick Marker Pen; I think though, it’s worth using the proper pens!

Finally, here’s an Extra E tag for Experiment!

I didn’t plan this tag, I was just Exploring the possibilities of something new, Experimenting with ink and bleach. . . .and got some interesting results!  First I applied a wash of ink onto card; next I took a few drops of household bleach diluted 50/50 with water and wrote on the ink using my dip pens.  The result is that the black ink turns to orange within seconds! Exciting! 
Off now to have a peek at your Fabulous F tags.
Bye for now
Jane xx


  1. Very nice! Flourishes are fun, aren't they?

  2. Lovely lettering! This is Laurie from Button Floozies and, if you haven't already heard the sad news, I wanted to tell you about the loss of one of your own, Barbara. Post is here:

  3. Another beautiful lettering tag, am enjoying these! X

  4. What a lovely tag and your lettering is extraordinary!

  5. How beautiful and how clever - I am so impressed with your beautiful calligraphy and the accuracy of it. I love the technique of using bleach and ink - so effective.

  6. great experimenting Jane love your tag and your fab bird about to take flight! beautiful pen strokes :)

  7. Beautiful flourishes, I wish I had your talent ( and steady hand, lol, mine would be very wobbly indeed ).

  8. Fabulous flourishes Jane. Your calligraphy is very beautiful :0) Mo

  9. Another wonderful tag, Jane! You are so clever to do the calligraphy, it is so nice to see.
    Jane x

  10. Simply Beautiful.... Hugs May x x x


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