Thursday, 21 February 2013

Letter G

G is for gateau
 Hi Everybody!
Another great set of tags for F. Tag Tuesday is such fun! I like to make myself a cup of coffee and sit and look at all your tags. 
I have almost caught up with myself this week, after a week of antibiotics for another abscess. This time I recovered quite quickly, so am only a bit behind with my work. I am doing an on-line painting course with Jane Davies about colour and am learning so much, lots still to do though!
Hope you are all well and recovered from the various flu bugs that have been going round.

Here is my G tag!
It had to be gateau for me, to go with that coffee.
I used some painted papers for the background (from a Chinese newspaper, which looked like adverts, but I hope it is nothing inappropriate, that's why I turned it upside down!). I started my collage with a plate from a magazine, the chocolate cake is made from beauty pages, and is actually make-up! I used  folded silk for the cream, topped with lipstick strawberries. The whole thing was photographed on a recipe book.


  1. Clever collage Jane, I like your use of different papers, I love gateau too but my waistline shows it! X

  2. yummy collage - love it! :o)

  3. A clever and fun tag - I love your use of different things to make up the gateau - very effective.

  4. Superbly clever tag Jane. I'm disappointed not to have got my invite for coffee & cake tho'! Haha :0) Mo

  5. Gateau is a wonderful choice - yummy tag! Valerie

  6. This is a very creative collage tag. Blessings!

  7. Hi Jane I didn't realise until I read you post that the cake was not what it seemed - great idea!

  8. You are always welcome for coffee and cake, Mo! :) If we lived nearer to each other we would all be visiting and talking about our work and our stashes of fabric etc, and never get any tags done:)
    Jane x

  9. Now your talking!! Most defo G for Gateau. Fun tag and have even more fun with your on line course. Hugs Mrs A.


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