Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Letter P

letter p

p is for pi
hello again everyone!
I'm sorry I have been away for so long, but my friends got married and
every minute has been spent making invitations, cake, decorations,
wedding wands and all manner of wedding things!
Happy to say I am now back and looking forward
 to joining you all on tuesdays!

oh and here's a wedding photo too- we had a fabulous day!


  1. Great tag! That bride must have been freezing!!

  2. She was! The same weekend last year was 22 degrees! it was quite a shock when we woke up that morning, but very pretty!

  3. Good choice for the tag! Valerie

  4. Nice Tag Kim. There look like there had a great day, even with the snow :) Jules

  5. Haha - awesome choice Kim. I love that limerick. The happy couple look - just that! Quite funny that she's got to wear wellies but is in a strapless dress - talk about opposites! Lol :0) Mo

  6. Fun tag and fun photo love the beautiful bride in her wellies.

  7. wonderful idea for your tag :) great wedding picture !

  8. Smart tag, and super photo, love the wellies, Jane xx

  9. Clever idea for P, beautifully made. X

  10. Great idea for a tag! It is nice to see the photo of the bride in her wellies, in the snow! Everyone will remember that wedding!
    Jane x


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