Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Letter O

I had a bit of a scare today as when I clicked on the Zentangle Pattern site I have been using to make my tags there were no O patterns.  Oh no I started to panic and then they appeared - just a slow page load ;-)  I thought for a minute I might have to make my own pattern up.......Thinking about it I might just have to do that before my Tag Zentangle Pattern Alphabet is finished.

The sun is shining today though the wind is blowing too so it looks warmer than it is.  I like days like this to sit in the conservatory as it magnifies the warmth of the sun but no cold wind!!!  Makes you nod off if you are not careful though ;-)

Can you see my tag!  This is a bit of a camouflage shot but I thought it was fun.  Today I got to the green part of my Distress Ink Rainbow and so I decide to incorporate leaves in this tag design.  The background tag has the OOF pattern and it lives up to its name as that it what my eyes would have said when I got to the end of the patterning!!!

The leaves show the four stages of the OSKIE pattern and 4 shades of Shabby Shutters (much nicer than grey!)

Looking forward to seeing what the letter O has inspired this week.  Wishing you a great week full of time to craft!  Hugs  Helen x


  1. Great job-- so precise! Love the way you shot it too!

  2. Beautiful tag and wonderful colours! Vaerie

  3. Wonderful tag Helen, I like the way you have it camouflaged and hope you're not still cross-eyed. Those leaves look lovely but the OSKIE looks harder than OOF. I did a page full of zentangle borders the other day but they aren't anywhere near as neat as your work, lol :0) Mo x

  4. Oh this is fab! love the green and the idea of using leaf shapes :) and why not design some of your own patterns ;)

  5. My favourite shades of green! Love the way you have photographed this - its stunning! Carolyn xx

  6. Lovely zentangle and colour! It looks very complicated. Do you know where zentangle originated? I was wondering how it came about.
    Jane x

  7. Wow! I'm lost for words. What a fantastic tag. I adore the way you have photographed it too.

    Pat x

  8. Brilliant photograph, I love your collection, and the colour is awesome!x


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