Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Letter R

Who Stole Tuesday???!!!! ;-)

Hi Everyone, Here is my tag for the Letter R.  I made a spinner tag - can you tell I have just learnt how to make these?....they feature in my card class this week too!  Pass on the knowledge I say.  I am going to make a video of this fun embellishment to a project.  Another thing for the to do list.

There is only one R pattern on this tag and it is RAGZ but I did do two variations of it.  I like the one with the little rivets on it as it looks a bit industrial.  As I said before I made spinners in my tag and I tried to use the Vine app to make a small video of the spinners spinning - but alas although I managed to make the video I cannot seem to find how to get it on my blog.  I know it can be done but cannot work it out at the this space!

As I turned my tag over to put the ribbons in I realised I had made a boo boo!  I stuck my tag to the wrong side of its green tag!  What a numpty ;-)  As I couldn't make the video I am sharing the out takes!!

I'm off to see what the letter R has inspired in our lovely tag art world and then it is time to write my class tutorials....busy, busy.  Have a great week X

I just found the Vine Video when I uploaded some photos from my phone so I hope this is going to work:



  1. This is gorgeous! I have no idea about videos either! Love those spinning pieces! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow, Helen! I always say that to your tags! I just love that zingy green.The zentangle patterns are very complicated, but very neatly done.
    I have posted my "world domination map", as you call it, today on my blog.
    Jane x

  3. Great spinning pieces, your work is always so neat and tidy! Lovely tag. x

  4. Love your green tag, it has a nice retro feel to it :)

  5. Love love love. I love all colours but green is my most favourite, particularly the vibrant hues.
    Also, loving the spinny bits :D Look forward to the tute :0) Mo x

  6. Vibrant and energetic - love the spinners!

  7. Love the way you are always trying something new and sharing! Great tag. Looking forward to your vid. Carolyn xx

  8. Brilliant! Watching the spinners do their stuff is so much fun! Great idea, great tag.

  9. Wow as usual really cool! Love the spinny bits on the video clip. What a clever idea!

  10. Beautiful! I'd love to be able to flip through your abc tangle tag collection when it's done. Blessings!

  11. Fabulous tag, and so clever too, love the video, Jane xx


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