Thursday, 2 May 2013

Letters P and Q

Bonjour tag friends!
Sorry I'm late with my P but I was in England last week seeing the children.  I chose P for Paris and have cheated madly for Q!  Perhaps we can call it artistic licence!  I wanted to do a butterfly tag and found only two butterflies in the world that began with Q.  I printed a picture of one off from the internet but my printer didn't do it justice so I used a feather butterfly from my stash and coloured parts of it purple - the real quercusia quercus however has no yellow and no white spots - just purple and black with white edges.  Am I forgiven?  Will pop back tomorrow and have a look at all your Ps and Qs. 
Carolyn xx


  1. Very creative! Well done!

  2. Beautiful butterfly spots or no spots! Very inventive and pretty tags. X

  3. Pretty tags - I wouldn't know one butterfly from the other anyway! Valerie

  4. Beautiful work Carolyn!! :0) Mo

  5. Both tags are gorgeous. Just add hybridus to the butterfly's name and it is all legally and officially a new breed then ;-) ..... errmmm.....


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