Tuesday, 21 May 2013


may I say thank you for continuing to post your beautiful tags to the blog ... each and every one is a real work of art!

we are slowly creeping towards the end of the alphabet ... the end is in sight ... and thoughts are beginning to turn to what comes next.  I would welcome comments on this post about what you would like to do next ... should you wish to continue with your weekly tag making ... shall we go back to themes or something else?  If so, perhaps you could suggest themes you might like to work with ... and we will try to fit them in.  I do have plenty of ideas if you would rather go with that (but also want to accommodate you ... if you are itching for a particular topic)

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask if one of you might like to assist me with the running of the blog ... ie. to assist with general housekeeping, keeping things tidy, replying to emails/messages from new people wishing to join the blog or be added to the waiting list ... and also updating the themes and sidebar etc.  Please send me an email if you think you may have a few extra minutes a week to give me a hand with things ... I would very much appreciate that ... for those times when I'm away from home or a bit late updating things

many thanks indeed

email  - charleyarry23@aol.com


  1. I can't believe how far along the alphabet we have reached already. Of course it reflects the passing weeks of the year, but to think that means that in six weeks time we are half way through 2013 is ay ay ay! lol.
    Thank you for continuing with this Carolyn, I love challenging myself every week, and seeing what others have created is a true joy :0) Mo x

  2. Hi, Carolyn! Thanks for keeping up with the blog. I'm afraid I don't know much about the technical end of things to offer to help; my husband uploads pics for me! As far as themes-- if you're short of ideas, maybe each of us could take a week. Such as, Diane's theme is cats so that is the theme for that week. Just a thought. Or I could put my thinking cap on (if I can find it) and send you a list of ideas. Thanks again!

  3. I will try to think about themes, the tag Tuesday is just so much fun! Valerie

  4. I like Diane's idea there about using the theme of one those people using a theme, like Diane's film related ones :0) x

  5. I would really like to continue with Tag Tuesday and would like to help if my IT skills are up to it.
    I like the idea of each member choosing a theme for a week - it would be fun to see what others did with your idea!
    Please e mail me if you want to discuss how I could help.
    Best regards
    the other Carolyn xx

  6. I really ought to apologise for my tags petering out to nothing over the last few weeks/months. I would love to continue with the new challenge, but I must admit I found it hard to come up with ideas for the alphabet letters, with everything else going on in my life. It seemed easier to work to a given theme when I was able to give more thought to making the tag rather than deciding the subject matter first. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, I am keen to pick up the new challenges whatever they may be and I hope no-one objects to my rather long sabbatical from Tag Tuesday! You have done a great job Carolyn - a big thank you.

  7. Thank you Carolyn. This has been a great challenge and I would love to continue... I could possibly help on occasions , depending pn how much technical knowledge is required? and I would be happy to suggest some themes. but I am sure if everyone thought of a favourite thing, we would have a weekly topic for another year!

  8. I too would like to add my thanks Carolyn for continuing to host Tag Tuesday.
    I would love to help but...the dreaded but. I have RA quite severely and some weeks I am not able to function. But I would be on hand for some of the time, I don't suppose that helps really.
    1.Themes chosen by members.
    4.Book titles
    Endless really, how do you choose?

  9. Gosh, are we really near the end of the alphabet? The weeks have flown by,and I am really enjoying making the tags and looking at everyone else's work. I do not have any particular preference about what we do next. Give me a theme, and my brain always comes up with something! I can come up with lots of ideas for themes too. How about we each chose a theme for a week, then we can decide how to proceed after that.
    Sorry, I can't help with the admin at the moment, as I am not well.
    Jane x

  10. Thank so much for leaving your messages here ... I am currently overhauling the blog in general and will be updating lists of players, contacting new members on the waiting list and appointing new blog helpers. If you are reading this message, and haven't done so already, please could you confirm whether or not you will be continuing with Tag Tuesday when we go back to weekly themes on 9th July. Thank you all xx


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