Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Letters U and V!

I missed last weeks Tag Tuesday so I have two tags this week - I think the sunshine slowed me down ;-)  Hasn't it been nice to enjoy a bit of sun at last?

Here is my tag for the letter U:

This one took a while to get it to the point I liked it.  There were only 3 tangle patterns for the letter U and I only liked one of them this one is called UNYUN.  I tried some foiling on the pattern which didn't come out as neat as I would have liked so I had to trace over the pattern with a black pen once more.  Then it still didn't look right with the foiling against the white background so I added some colour with the Broken China Distress ink and it still wasn't right so out with the Stickles and VOILA!!!  Finally I like it.  I even had trouble with the ribbon bow and couldn't get that to sit right so a couple of knots and a snip with the scissors and I liked the ribbon too!  Projects are like that sometimes don't you think?  I keep trying though and there aren't many times I have had to give up and resign it to the bin.

My V tag for this week's letter was the complete opposite and it came together quickly and I was pleased with the design right away.  I did have more patterns to chose from though.  The table is VERSA, the Vase is VECHE 1 and the flower greenery is the pretty VERDIGOGH.  As usual all the patterns I have been practicing are from Tangle Patterns if you want to try some out for yourself.

I have two weeks worth of tags to see so I am looking forward to catching up with everyones creations.  I can't believe there are only 4 weeks left of the alphabet.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine X


  1. Hello Helen,
    I love your two tags here! But they look hard to do! They are beautiful with their patterns.
    You have done beautiful work!

  2. Lovely tags, I am always fascinated by your patterns! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Love both these, Helen. In particular the V one - so pretty! Sunshine here too - yay! Carolyn xx

  4. Love your tangles - I've been meaning to do some serious tangling for ages, it's just beautiful what you can do with it :o)

  5. Both are fab! Liking the blues!

  6. Brilliant tags, glad to see the U, I missed you! Love the V one, funny how some tags come together so quickly and others take ages, I find that too. X

  7. These are both outstanding pieces! I love the clever way in which you mimicked the tangled patterns with your ribbon ties. Blessings!

  8. hi Helen sometimes its the little simple projects that are sent out to try our patience lol I like both your U and V tags very nice :) great patterns.


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