Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Y is for .......

Yvonne of course!
meaning 'Yew Wood '

the tree branches are worked in 'Y' stitch then I added little glass beads for berries
I had a fun doing a search of the name and the meaning of it.
There has always been differing opinions on the origin of the name 'Yvonne'
My French teacher insisted it was French, my Mother has always said it is an Irish name but on searching the Internet is seems that it is an Old German name the female version of 'Yvon' or 'Ivon' meaning in German 'Yew wood' or 'Archer' Yew wood was used in England and Wales to make an early weapon called a Longbow.  

I'm still undecided  on what to do with all my tags, simply haven't had time its funny how we get longer days but so busy they seem to go much faster!
I'm enjoying the lovely weather we are having here in Fife at the moment, it's great for working on my new project.
Well tag team only one Tag to go! ......better get my needle n threads out and get on with it :)
Looking forward to seeing all your 'Y' tags this week


  1. Beautiful tag, I always love the embroidery. I wish I could still see enough to do some stitching again! Valerie

  2. Beautiful tag and meaning behind your name, I'm sure they will all look amazing shown together! Enjoy the sun, lets hope it lasts! X

  3. Another gorgeous embroidered tag - love the beads! Carolyn xx

  4. How lovely to trace the meaning of your name.
    Yew trees are very important, I think, today especially as they provide us with medicines and cures!
    Wonderful stitching, Yvonne!
    Sue x

  5. Great that the letter for this week was your name. A very beautiful tag you made for it

    Love Chrissie x

  6. Lovely tag. Very interesting about your name too!

  7. That's a terrific embroidery of som yew that you've given us to look at & the little red berries finish it off perfectly!


  8. Have a lovely Y week - your tag is beautiful.

  9. This is beautiful! I don't have the patience to try my hand at a fabric tag but I love seeing yours.

  10. Such gorgeous stitching. I love fabric tags!

  11. This is so beautiful Yvonne. How wonderful that You got Your name into the mix. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for Z :0) x

  12. Very fortunate to use your name, and an interesting meaning too, This is a lovelly stitch. I love the variegated threads and beads, Jane xx

  13. Love the embroidery. Beautiful tag!

  14. I love the dimension the beadwork gave to your piece, as well as the gorgeous colors. Blessings!

  15. Such a fabulous work of art! You truly put your heart into! Just beautiful!
    Cissy P.

  16. Beautiful embroidered tag, Yvonne, and so nice you could use your name too!
    Jane x

  17. Hi Yvonne - I am really looking forward to seeing your tags all together. I really have no idea how you have managed to keep on time considering all the work that goes into them all. Fabulous collection

  18. Beautiful tag, Your needlework is outstanding... Love it!! Hugs May x x x


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