Monday, 15 July 2013


I just can't help myself - as soon as I think Italy my mouth starts to water!

Of course, Italy also means art, culture, the opera, architecture, sculpture, the Renaissance, my hero Leonardo da Vinci, fashion, history, beautiful landscapes, romance .... I would LOVE to go there and see it all for myself SIGH!!!

But for me, the best bit would be the food - olives, mozzarella, ratafias, pesto, pasta, risotto, pizza, pancetta, lemons, basil, garlic ... I could go on and on!

I will probably never get to go there in person, but one of my favourite and most romantic treats is to go to an Italian restaurant - so for my tag this week I decided to celebrate that moment of anticipation when you've just ordered your meal and you're waiting for the handsome Italian waiter to bring you a nice glass of chilled Prosecco ...

... aaaaahh! I can almost hear the violins and smell the garlic :o)

Thanks for looking - can't wait to see what you talented lot have done with this one!

Annie :o)xxx


  1. Hi: Just think your tag is so cute. You are one talented lady. Thank you so much for becoming my new follower. Blessings, Martha

  2. Very pretty! Makes me want to sit down with a glass of Prssecco right now!

  3. Wonderful table - tag, great idea! Valerie

  4. Love your Italian dinner table - what a great idea! Carolyn xx

  5. You've painted a delicious picture for sure. Is that basil on your tag? Love it!

  6. Wonderful tag and love the Italian flag colours theme

    Chrissie x


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