Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Doors WIndows Gates and Portals

Knocked once..
Tried to tell them I'd been there!
Door slammed ....Hospitality's thin there

Do you know what's behind the Green Door?
Here's a potted history..
Bob Davie wrote this and played the honky-tonk piano. It was inspired by a popular music club in Dallas, Texas where the kids who weren't allowed in hung around outside a yellow door. Presumably "green door" sounded better.
Jim Lowe was a DJ and Country singer who recorded this in an apartment in Greenwich Village. Backing vocals were by The High Fives. This was in 1956!
 In 1981, the '50s revivalist Shakin' Stevens covered this and took this song to the top of the UK charts. 

For many years I taught this to the kids in school and we always had such fun with...
  "What's behind the Green Door?" My students loved making up their own versions!

Like many places the Green Door has fallen on hard times. I hope you have received your invite.....
'Tis indeed a funky place!
Yes I've  been there! I'm sworn to secrecy but I do know you too will be enchanted when you enter! So much so, you'll want a membership!

How and what we create is always an adventure.
This brought back so many memories for me as I stamped and played with this fun theme. The majority of stamps I used are from an Australian company, Darkroom Door!


  1. Hmm... Intriguing! Great tag!

  2. fabulous take on the theme--was mesmerized by your story and when you finally opened the green door so that we could peek inside, I was delighted by the image found there

  3. I love the story and the tag!

  4. so stunning in every detail! xo

  5. Lovely tag Julie! I have those stamps too, Darkroom door make such beautiful ones, and I love the tins they come in! Valerie

  6. Fantastic tag and a wonderful history of the song.

    Chrissie x

  7. Great tag and great post Julie. I have often sang along with Green Door but had no idea what it was all about! I had no idea Dark Room Door was an Australian Company either ;-) Thanks for sharing x

  8. I remember this song very well the recent version by Shakin' Stevens was comical lol great tag hun Dxx

  9. Great post about a great song! Great tag too. X

  10. What a great story and your images are fantastic.

  11. What a great tag and great story! I couldn't quit looking at all the interesting elements and lettering. What a great finale behind the green door!

  12. Intriguing and fun with a spooky finish - perfect! :o)

  13. Fabulous tag... Fabulous story... Hugs May x x x


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