Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Hello everyone, I hope the world is treating you well!
We live in an area where Autumn is not marked by golden leaves and sharply falling temperatures.
In fact the two native deciduous trees here lose their leaves in Spring.
What we are lucky to have, is long golden days, where the Earth gentles.
 One of the busiest creatures in our garden is the Golden Orb Spider, which builds the most
amazing and ambitious web structures. These shine and shimmer in the sun.
I have chosen to focus on the beautiful insects that are so busy here in the Autumn,
creating the next generation as they flit and zoom through our garden.
 I have been experimenting with gesso on upholstery fabric.
The plaster sun sits squarely in the middle because it powers all the Earth's activity.
The bamboo tiles, from a bathmat took stamping really well and I beaded these together using strands of golden wire. I'm also having a good time with grommets - the big brother of eyelets.

It  is a glorious time here, usually from March. 
The bright blue border is a perfect match for the colour of our skies.
It is a season of mists and mellowness, oh and many insects too!
As I write this, it is breathtakingly hot and my home state of New South Wales continues to burn, with the most destructive and widespread bushfires ever seen here.
The incredible fire fighters and emergency services have been battling for over a week now.
It is difficult to think of anything else.


  1. Beautiful tag, and love the photo of the spiders' web. Sorry to ear about the bush fires, it sounds awful, keep safe and stay strong! Valerie

  2. I love your very creative use of materials in this gorgeous piece of art. I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe from the fires. Blessings!

  3. Quite a tag! Wonderful colors! Stay safe!

  4. Oh I love this tag so much, you have been very creative! X

  5. Super creative tag. All the different textures and mediums you used make this 'outside the box' and perfctly Autumnal :0)

  6. Such an intricate tag, I love it. So sorry about the fires, I saw the devastation on the news last night. Our thoughts are with you.

  7. Wow! This is really stunning.

  8. this is most incredible, you've super effectively brought forth the web theme as well as integrating so many earthy natural themes. it is gorgeous art. i also love the little chain link up top. i am so terribly sorry about the fires and send my prayers for resolution. safety and recovery. xo

  9. Such an interesting tag, Julie. I'm so sorry about the fires and wish you safety and all the best.

  10. A wonderful post to read and terrific tag to admire.

    Stay Safe--my thoughts are with you

    Chrissie x

  11. Really stunning tag ... Such a great interpretation and appreciate what you mean about Autumn. I live in Newcastle NSW - hope you are safe from fires. We have had a couple of rather angry ones in this area in the last few days - rather unsettling

  12. A most unusual and interesting tag - fabulous! Sorry to hear about the fires - hope they soon burn themselves out and cause no more danger. Carolyn xx

  13. What a fantastic use of materials. This is wonderful.

  14. Original tag, beautifully made. I really enjoyed reading your post. Hoping you are safe from the bush fires.
    Jane x


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