Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Hi everyone!
The AFRICA tags were a beautiful, colourful and interesting selection. I am sorry I didn't have chance to comment on them, as I was running late this week, and only just got my tag done in time! 
COOKING is a good theme for a tag for me, as I like cooking, reading cookery books, and using  cookery photos to draw from!
I decided on the theme for my tag quite quickly, as I remembered some scraps of fabric with fruit on, and thought they would be fun to use!  I stitched a "pavlova" from silk,  and decorated it with the fruit fabrics. I set it on a plate, made of card, decorated with ribbon, and a white background stamped with flowers for a tablecloth. It was photographed on my cookery bible, an old edition of Larousse.

"Pavlova "close up

I couldn't resist making another tag to illustrate COOKING, as I love this image from The Graphics Fairy (one of my favourite source sites) from a 1940s Printer's Book.
I coloured in the girl, using gel pens, and made a border from ribbon, lace and tape.


  1. Both are fantastic and very inventive

    Love Chrissie x

  2. Verry clever Jane. How cool is that fabric! And the second tag is fab too, I love the look on her face, such concentration, haha :o)

  3. Well you know I'm lovin' this one!

  4. Love this, Jane! Very retro. I wish I had a waist that size - perhaps NOT cooking would be the answer! Carolyn xx


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