Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Stripes and Spots


When I chose this week's theme it was inspired by a new top I had bought which is rather jazzy (unlike me!) with black and white stripes and spots and red roses.  My intention was to recreate it as a tag but in the meantime I have become obsessed with chairs (too much time spent browsing in antique shops and brocantes) so hence this week's offering!  The flowers towards the bottom of the tag actually are there to cover up some handwritten text which looked awful but I couldn't face starting again!

As I am writing this one of my large flat coat retrievers has just banged on the door to come in and is now hiding under my desk as it has begun to thunder in the distance - he is supposed to be a gun dog but is actually very frightened of loud noises!!

Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing and creative week. 

A bientot.

Carolyn xx


  1. Beautiful tag, love the chair. My dog used to be just as heroic when it thundered! Valerie

  2. Love the tag with it's very pretty colours and the flowers fit in perfectly.
    Oh, I do feel sorry for the animals when it thunders or fireworks are on the go. They just don't know what to do with themselves do they :( Poor wee things.
    Have a good week Carolyn, and thank you for all the wondrous themes you set up for us. The newest ones look fascinating and should spark some very fabulous work :o))

  3. this is beautiful and classy! xo

  4. Very, very pretty, and I really like the the 'tag in two halves' look. Works ever so well. And I'd love a chair like that.
    Hector and Poppy don't care about thunder at all. But Harry, the border collie/spaniel mix we had before, was so scared by it, he used to hide in corners, under tables, desks and shake all over.

  5. Pretty and elegant tag. The chair is such a nice shape. Hope your poor dog recovered after the thunder!
    Jane x


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