Friday, 6 June 2014


Hello and greetings from Down Under.
When we so carefully planned our extensive house renovations little did we know how much can go wrong. How much can consume you, swallowing time and wearing away at your spirit.
Here we are almost 6 months in with a great deal of our life packed up and still stored away....has anyone seen my watch?
Renovation Fatigue has certainly become a nasty, insidious side effect!

However, today I present for comment my contribution to the Rose tag theme this week.
I adore the lush, full blown and highly perfumed divas of the rose world. Their beauty is ephemeral however the perfumes linger in my memory. In the cooler parts of Australia they grow spectacularly.
At Chez Idyll it's palms, gingers and most things tropical that you will see.

As we finally look toward unpacking our lives I hope to be back to say hello and enjoy your arty inspirations.
Such a tonic for my soul.


  1. The interplay between the layers and textures in this tag is fascinating. I also love the way you cropped your focal point rose, because it reminds me of Georgia O'Keeffe. Blessings!

  2. Hi Julie
    Wonderful rose tag - love all the collaged elements - so pretty. We have lived in France for three years now and I still haven't unpacked everything!! Carolyn xx

  3. Love and beauty two words that sum up roses so well. Beautiful interpretation.

  4. There's a lot of work in this tag. Wonderful

  5. There's a lot of work in this tag. Wonderful

  6. Gorgeous collaged tag. The colours are all so beautiful together. I d ore the scent of roses and rarely pass by one without stopping to smell :o)

  7. Such a beautiful rose tag, Julie. Good distraction therapy for you!
    Jane x

  8. wow Julie, you have made such a beautiful tag. there are so many wonderful and complementary textures colors and bits here. i hope your household will soon settle down allowing you to enjoy all your hard work! xo

  9. your collage certainly has appealed to the senses - lovely. Hope you will soon enjoy the fruits of your reno labours.

  10. Beautifully put together tag with a host of gorgeous elements, and that rose, oh my, thats just amazing.


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