Tuesday 15 July 2014


Although some bugs can be a nuisance, others can be beautiful, wondrous, and be very beneficial to humans.  One such bug is the dragonfly, which has beautiful colors, is one of the fastest flying insects in the world, and it preys on harmful insects such as mosquitoes.  Interestingly, its symbolism varied in antiquity with associations to the sinister in some Western cultures and happiness in some Eastern cultures.  Fortunately, the Art Nouveau movement brought a new light on dragonflies, and they have become a popular motif in the art world ever since.  Hence, I present to you my dragon fly mobile/tag.

Click on the photo to enlarge
I designed an origami dragonfly mobile, which can double as a tag.  I used a strip of organza ribbon to strand the dragonfly to a die cut flower, a bead, and a tiny tag.  This mobile/tag can be attached to a bottle or gift bag with the recipients name written on the tiny tag.  The recipient can then hang it as a mobile, making it an extra gift in itself.  I'll probably make several of these to use as small tokens of appreciation for neighbors, co-workers, and others.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to leave a comment on my Japanese inspired tag.  I loved everyones tags and gladly reciprocated the favor.  Blessings!


  1. Wonderful tag, dragonflies are really something special. I love watching them by the lakes. Valerie

  2. This is so clever and so beautiful.

    Love Chrissie x

  3. Ingenious! I love dragonflies. How lucky your friends are to receive such lovely tokens! Carolyn xx

  4. Very inventive, love dragonflies.

  5. Yo Grasshopper! This is a super little origami delight Arnoldo! I am in awe of anyone with the patience to create origami.
    I actually like bugs as they all have a place in our wonderful world...mind you I can't work out the benefit of midges except maybe to send me inside...nasty little creatures!

  6. So beautiful and very clever origami., Arnoldo. Yes, in China, the dragonfly symbolises harmony and prosperity, so always good luck to see one, especially near a pond.

  7. Wow, Arnoldo, I am in awe of your seemingly endless talents as an artist. Your origami dragonfly is beautiful and what a rare treat for anyone that receives one. Your originality is always a sight for sore eyes :o))


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