Monday, 7 July 2014

Garden Party

Late to the Party yet again sorry.  Though my party is probably more about strawberries and bees rather than strawberries and cream. 

The strawberry watercolour was painted last night and this is a little print which I added to the tag which has a soft watercolour textured background.  The tag is hot off the press this morning.  As they say better late than never.

Thanks for the lovely theme.  Also for the inspiration from everyone's beautiful tags. 


  1. Love it and the added bee makes it even more special. My best friend and I make things for each other all the time and we always add a little bee somewhere, those strawberries look lush

  2. Beautiful summery tag and always uninvited bees at a garden party :)

    Love Chrissie x

  3. Yummy tag, and strawberries belong to garden parties, that's for sure! Valerie

  4. Lovely, fresh and summery with the perfect image :D

  5. very lovely! and better late than never! xo


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