Tuesday, 26 August 2014



Sorry I couldnt get fruity with you last week but we had six house guests so it was a bit hectic.  I have put new themes for September in the side bar and will be back with an Indian tag in a day or two.
See you soon.

Carolyn xx


  1. Thanks Carolyn

    Looking forward to seeing your India tag

    Love Chrissie x

  2. Hi Carolyn, errrmm , I emailed many months ago to say that I was no longer able to play along regularly so maybe it would be best to offer my place on the team to someone else - now I've just noticed that my name is still on the list! Oh no!! people must think I'm a right slacker! As it happens, I have dropped most of my other commitments now, so would be able to do a bit of tagging again now - is it ok if I just jump back in please? :o)

  3. Hi Annie
    Yes, by all means come and join us again! Lovely to have you back.
    Carolyn xx

  4. Thank you - good to be back :o)


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