Tuesday, 19 August 2014


 Now please don't ask why I have so many stamps of pears, or pear words. I think I received them from a friend a long time ago, and have hardly used them. This was a good opportunity to do so.
The large no 12 tag, and the three small ones I had already inked up a while ago, so all I had to do was stamp the pears and words on another piece of card and cut them out. I then placed the smaller tags on top of the large one, job done.
I hasten to add that I don't have any stamps of other fruit.


  1. Oh these are lovely pear stamps Wendy and beautiful colours. What a beautiful summery tag

    Love Chrissie x

  2. Great tag, it is making me long for a nice pear! Valerie

  3. As far as I 'm concerned, you can 't have too many pear stamps - great tag .

  4. Excellent collection. Love the colours and the designs :D

  5. the pear stamps are wonderful as is your creation! xo

  6. This is fabulous, love all the pear stamps and the colour scheme. ( They make a wicked Eau de Vie from pears here in our corner of Burgundy )


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