Wednesday, 10 September 2014

fairy tale

i must confess that when i did my scan down the line on this blog for upcoming challenge prompts awhile back i saw the word "fairy" and that is somehow all i saw. it wasn't until after i created my tag and then came back to post and noticed all the other posts already loaded here that i realized i had missed half of the prompt.  so i created a fairy tag.  and now through the fairy magic of creative thinking i shall "re-make" it into a "fairy tale" tag...

so, after the fact, i have decided this tag is an homage to my favorite of the three fairies from the sleeping beauty story, merriweather.  you will recall that flora, fauna and merriweather came to give gifts to baby princess aurora. the 1st two give her beauty and kindness but before merriweather can give her gift, maleficent comes and curses the baby (by the way i loved the maleficent movie made recently which gives a very different spin on maleficent in which we might not call her so evil after all).  to reduce the power of the curse, merriweather offers a different blessing than the one originally intended and through her quick, creative thinking and compassionate heart a way is made for aurora to survive the curse,  i've always thought merriwether was a very smart and wonderful fairy.

this is actually a teeny tiny tag -- about 1x2 1/2 inches.  in the disney movie the fairies were in fact quite teeny so this works out well!  i have images from lunagirl collage sheets "beauties" "rainbow wings" and "shabby lilac."  i added some lace as well.

enjoy; and love to all.


  1. Lovely tag, fairies are always gorgeous! Valerie

  2. Fairies are essential to fairy tales, so I say it's perfect. ;) LOVE the magic of creative process, it's so unpredictable and exciting. Enjoyed your entry immensely.

  3. Very quick thinking for your very sweet fairy tale tag :D

  4. Quick thinking to transform your "fairy" tag into a "fairy tale" tag!
    I like the way you have made such a small tag, and the fairy is delightful.
    Jane x

  5. I love your cute Fairy Merriweather :o)

  6. now that's creative thinking ! Sleeping Beauty is my favorite, maybe because I love the song and the fairies!

  7. Tehehehe, you made me giggle with your story about the tag. Brilliantly done! What would a fairy tale be without a fairy, eh?


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