Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Hi Everyone!
I hope you are all safe and warm, with the terrible
weather there is in some places. We haven't had it
yet, but both snow and high winds are forecast soon.
Perfect weather for studio time, then! Time to batten
down the hatches and get on with our projects!
I have been tidying my studio today, it is always a 
suprise to be reunited with treasures! I haven't been in
there much over Christmas, so it was lovely to reclaim it
and restore order.
Those of you in Australia are battling with the summer heat,, so
hope you are surviving Wilma and Julie!

I really enjoyed  making  my Diva tag, especially being back
in the creative groove and in my creative space.
I chose an image from a book on Victorian costume, of an elegant
lady in evening dress. She looks ready to perform on stage at the opera.
I put her on a stamped background of flowers and French writing, and added
some paper flowers and an archway to frame her, and finished off with a
shiny gold trimmed ribbon.


  1. Very pretty and I like the shape build up of the tag.

  2. Unusual shape for this beautiful tag

    We have the same weather as you on the NE UK coast

    Love Chrissie

  3. this is stunning, quite majestic! xo

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  5. Such a lovely image. She looks quite regal I think, and I'm sure royalty are divas sometimes ;)

  6. What a great tag, Jane - this so reminds me of the Australian diva, Dame Nellie Melba and her many comebacks and the stage always strewn with flowers. Thanks - just surviving the high temperatures and humidity - it always brings on a flare up of arthritis for me, so I am often found these days with the sir conditioning turned on high!

  7. Gorgeous tag, with all the elements comng together. Great shape too.

  8. You are so right, I immediately thought opera singer when I saw her. All those flowers thrown onto the stage by her many admirers, they fit so perfectly.


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