Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Hi Everyone!
Lovely Valentine's tags last week!
I liked this week's Text challenge, because it gave me
the opportunity to use an old book, which
I found at a church garden party. It is called A book of Scripts,
by Alfred Fairbank, published by Penguin Books in 1952.
It has some wonderful examples of calligraphic styles,
and a lot of information.
The text I used is from Magnum in Parvo or the Pens Perfection (sic)
Invented, written and engraved in silver by Edward Cocker, London 1672,
V and  A museum.
I loved the style of the capital L, and the alphabets underneath.
I didn't do much to it, just copied it, mounted it, and gave it a corner
frame and some scroll decorations. The photo was taken on the book 
By the way the church garden party is held every summer, right on the banks of the Thames, and includes English traditions such as Morris dancers and tea and cake.The book stall is always a good place to find treasures.

The wording on my tag is:-
Let every day produce some curious Lines
That may commend thy Genius,& thy Pen,
Let all the Undertakings and Designes
Tend to God's Glory, and the good of men.


  1. What a wonderful find! I just love calligraphy and illuminated letters. Your tag is super, Jane.

    Carolyn xx

  2. oh wow - it´s so beautiful.

  3. What a great find - love the pretty text!!!

  4. I love calligraphy! this is an inspired tag. xo

  5. WOW! This is the ultimate 'text' tag. Fantastic Jane!! :o))

  6. Very beautiful tag with stunning text

    Love Chrissie

  7. Now that is stunning. LOVE the quote and all the details that led to it. Stunning!!
    A Book of Scripts...I must search it. Sounds heavenly.

  8. perfect subject for our theme


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