Thursday, 10 September 2015

I remember when ....

... films were made in black and white.

I am half way through packing up my craftavan again, its back to the UK in a few days. Always makes me sad, leaving my little me-space.

Toodlepip xxx


  1. Great tag, I watched Psycho 2 nights ago, still scary after all these years! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Gosh your lovely tag takes me back. Great idea.

  3. Fabulously scary tag. I don't 'do' scary movies these days, but 'enjoyed' Psycho, Birds and many more of Hitchcock's masterpieces :D

  4. Love the Hitchcock tag - great idea!!!

  5. Oh yes Liz, those black and white films were so atmospheric, and stand the test of time. Psycho was scarier because of the black and white I think! Great tag.
    Hope youy can get back soon to your lovely crafting caravan.We all need a place of refuge and solitude I think.

  6. this is different! I like how you composed it! great job!


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