Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Minibeasts was a difficult prompt for me, because I am really not a fan of them.  All I could come up with is this tribute to the only spider I can stand to think about: Charlotte, from Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.
Because I have such vivid memories of my teacher reading us this book in school, probably around 2nd grade, the theme of my tag is school days; the base is an actual 1930's report card with its handwritten grades and notes. I embellished it with an actual scan of the book's illustration of the web Charlotte made:
Other details include a piece of torn antique cardstock with an embossed farm scene, the words, childhood memories, washi tape with a pencil and scissors, and a cute little lamb torn from an earlier project.  Notice there is no actual depiction of the minibeast, Charlotte.  I couldn't go there.
Coincidentally, the report card recipient got an A+ in literature.  She might have been a little bookworm, like me!


  1. Well done on having a new slant for the theme. A terrific and interesting tag

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. What a clever tag. The student was very bright I must say, what great results they got. :D

  3. Amazing work you've put into this tag! Very thoughtful and detailed, love the history behind it. Agree, Charlotte is positive exception.

  4. oh how I love charlotte's web! sweet tag! xo

  5. This is beautiful Laurie! Your tag brings back wonderful memories for me too. Charlotte's Web will always be my favorite childhood book. :)


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