Thursday, 14 January 2016


Hello Everyone,
Apologies, Total cheat! I think I have posted this a long time ago, but it just fits the prompt 'Ornate' I couldn't think of anything else to do after I found it in the box!
I made everything on it. I found the half moon piece of rust on the pavement but I cannot remember what the prompt was that I made it for.


  1. I am pleased you posted it again as it is stunning and I don't think I have seen it before

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Not cheating at all Pat, it's innovative recycling. AND it's gorgeously ornate - perfect! :D

  3. Fabulous, love all the lace.

  4. This is very beautiful!
    Carolyn xx

  5. A really stunning piece and well worth posting again.

  6. this tag is terrific, so ornate yet not too over the top. It is beautifully composed too. One could call this a masterpiece! I would frame it and put it on the wall!!


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