Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Happy New Year fellow taggers!!

I truly hope that your 2016 is filled with love, joy and good health, all rounded off with plenty of time for making art! 
The first theme of the year is Science, so I thought I would have a go at something I've never done before. Not science'y', but the word 'science' always conjures up thoughts of new boundaries to me, so as I said - something new;

.......and that is....
...... a digital tag! 

I created this using a mix of an old photo of an index card I did last Summer, the programme, 'Paint' and another programme called Pic Monkey.  Not as easy as I thought it would be, but also, I can imagine it getting easier with more practice. 

I look forward to seeing all your science'y' tags, very much.

And until next time,
Be Well,
Be Happy
{{hugs}} Mo :o)) x


  1. Thumbs up, love it! I will also have a go at some digital creations with my new iPad Pro.
    Happy New Year to you and enjoy periodically following your periodic table :-)

  2. Great tag Mo! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Well done Mo! This is a well thought out tag using your new found skills :)

    Happy 2016 to you too

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. I'm hopeless at digital, so well done.

  5. well done! this is something i've also wanted to try, a digital tag. i'm chuckhing at your clever tag theme. xo

  6. Funny! I recall my college days when I'd actually clean the house to avoid studying... now it's anything else to avoid cleaning the house!

  7. What a hoot! Totally original and so true. X

  8. Great work, Mo - digital manipulation is not easy - I'm impressed

  9. You are so funny, I love your take on this. And thats one periodic table I might just be able to remember.


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