Thursday, 4 February 2016


Wow, this was a hard one for me. For the first time, I actually had to go the PROMPTS, lol. When I saw 'reflectional symmetry', I immediately thought of Rorschach test pictures, and that was it for me.

I blobbed different inks and paints on some fairly thick paper, and after three or four tries, this one straight away revealed itself as an alien beetle from outer space ( of course, lol, this is me talking :-) ) -

You awl see zis, ya? If no, zen you vill tell me now vat you see, ya?

Ok, back to relatively normal, lol. Because it didn't look quite symmetrical, I cut it in half, scanned it, flipped it, stitched it together again, and added the beetle-y details -

And here you have it, Nacreous Sandbug Beetle from the deserts on Silica13, found on a space probe which crashed on Moonbase Alpha in 2047. Yep. Official name Coleoptera Silicania Nacchara -

Oh, I hear the doorbell, well would you know it, two men dressed in white, holding................. a straitjacket............... aaaaarrggghhhhhh

Toodlepip xxx


  1. Very, very clever. Love how it turned out.

  2. Oh what fun!! I love the way your mind works! This is absolutely wonderful.
    Carolyn xx

  3. What a fantastic idea ! Love this tag!

  4. Gosh, I hope you manage to get out of the straight jacket. Love the humour, and the tag isn't too bad either. Great idea.

  5. Goodness! You put me to shame the. Thought you put into this stunning tag.
    Pat x


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