Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Down the Street

I love cobblestones - that's something that always stands out for me in a city street.....   particularly since we don't have those here.

I always love all your creations even if don't always comment. I know I am going to love all your creations this week as well & please excuse if I don't comment much this week.


  1. I love cobblestones, too - and no, don't see them in Australia. Your cobblestones are really well done - lovely texture!

  2. Very original idea for this week as always--love the tag

    Chrissie xx

  3. Cool depiction of cobblestones. I like to see them, but they aren't very comfortable to walk on.
    It is nice to receive comments, when people are able. Don't worry about it :D

  4. Great tag, only I do not like cobblestones, I have very small feet and the cobbles make my ankles go over. Fab idea for your tag though.

  5. Great take on the theme. Your cobblestones and houses make a nice pattern. However I agree with the others about cobblestones, pretty though they may be,
    they are difficult to walk on!
    Jane x

  6. Yes, it's a great take on the theme ... I like the perspective


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