Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A Winter Walk

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday if you celebrate at this time of year. Not many joined in with the theme last week so I guess many of you were busy.

I made a tag from a photograph of a walk we took in the snow as few years ago. If you would like to read a short story about the walk and see more pictures you can see them here on my blog.

Take Care and a Very Happy 2017 to you all.

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Lovely tag of you with Santa. I don't think it's that people are too busy, I think a lot don't care. And I think it's a shame that Carolyn doesn't bother to make a tag occasionally, or leave a comment - this blog was her idea! Hugs,

  2. Love this photo of you and Santa. I also agree with everything Valerie has said.

  3. Great photo of you with Santa! I went to your blog and read the story - a beautiful winter's walk. What is the Wall of the 200?

  4. I always love the tags with a story - I am about to pop over to your blog to read more. What a great image you have used - so happy!

  5. I have just been over to your blog, Chrissie, and loved your story and the photos are just so beautiful - where I live we never see snow, so your adventure seems especially magical for me.


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