Monday, 10 September 2018


Hi Everybody!

On Tuesday we are starting a new challenge, chosen by our lovely and very talented Wilma, and she has chosen 'peace' as her theme. Now enjoy her wonderful tags and read what she has to say:

When I heard that 11 September was the date for me to nominate a Tag Tuesday theme,  I immediately remembered that fateful day in 2001 when the whole world seemed to stop and change with the terrorist attacks in USA. And so my theme is PEACE. I am usually trying to gather my thoughts at the last minute, but this time, I prepared three tags which I hope will encourage you to create a  "Peace" tag yourself. The first is hand drawn with felt tip marker and coloured pencils and  depicts some images of peace for me. This tag is inspired by the totem paintings of Sandra Silberzweig, but my tag drawing is not as refined or as detailed as hers. This was just like a children's colouring-in exercise! 

 The second is  simpler - a photo transfer with a stitched paper and white-washed collage foreground on top of a magazine page . An alphabet stamp was used to create the word.  I hope you think it looks like a peaceful scene?

And the third is really, really simple. I cut out an image from a magazine advertisement. I wrote the message with pen and ink, and cut out a "peace symbol' to paste onto her sunglasses lens . Literally, a five minute tag!  I am looking forward to seeing all your tags, and if I don't leave a message for you, it's not that I don't appreciate  your contribution to Tag Tuesday,  I will have just not had the time. I am travelling to Tasmania tomorrow. Peace to all!'

I hope Wilma's words and tags inspire you to create a tag to promote peace, something we all need if our world is to prosper. As always, tags of all formats are welcome, and you have 2 weeks to join us. Thanks to all who joined in Joan's last challenge of time/clocks. Have fun, stay creative, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create for this wonderful theme.


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  1. What beautiful tags - great inspiration too!!

  2. the tags are very inspiring!
    I love your proposals.😊
    A hug from Seville.

  3. All very beautiful with one meaning.. I think we all can remember where we were and what we was doing on that fateful day of 9/11.
    Thank you for sharing and for those words.
    Wishing you a safe Journey Tracey x

  4. I have entered my Tag to the challenge using a wonderful image for the theme!

  5. Great theme and fabulous inspiration.

  6. wilma's message and tags are deeply inspirational thank you! xo

  7. Loving the different designs that you used to capture the essence of peace! Each of these tags are so unique from the other. Thanks for the share, have a fantastic rest of your day. Keep up the posts.
    World of Animals

  8. I like all the different designs depicting Peace. Its most beautiful!

  9. Wonderful tags so inspirational.


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