Tuesday 26 June 2012

Green .....

im having a catch up of tags and have my Green one done just in time for this week....thanks to Annabelle for the bag of sari silks, i couldnt wait to use some of them....love all the beautiful embroidery patterns and colors :)

ive got some of the others done so will have a big catch up post soon as i photograph them.......

so im wondering what youguys are doing with all your tags....ive swapped some[ thanks Lynne] and given some away on presents, im finding they are very handy :)


  1. Lots of lovely layers. Great tag. It's nice to hear what you have been doing with your tags.I'm going to make a little book for mine.

  2. Very cool! Great mix of colors. I've kept my tags so far too-- not sure what I'll end up doing with them. We should publish a book with all our posts, shouldn't we??

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this Jen...
    I've also given some of mine away :) but I've kept a few of my favourites ;)

  4. Wow. This is really stunning :)

  5. Beautiful work in wonderful colors!


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