Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas & New Year

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I do hope you all enjoyed a happy, healthy, festive day. I had a most delightful day with my family, including big little Jack, who is of course, absolutely gorgeous :-D

This week I am showing you the most beautiful tags I was lucky enough to receive from our Christmas Tag swap.Thank you so very much to Carolyn for organising it.
Now, be prepared to be jealous fellow taggers, because I'm sure I got 'La crème de la crème' :-D
Firstly I'm showing a group shot

Next I have three close-ups. This first close-up shows the 'Parcel Tag' from Jane Greiner. The parcels are made from a beautiful floral paper that have some lovely gold twine around them and the 'Heart Tag' from Anni  has the background in her favourite Christmas colour of red and some lovely lace behind the corrugated heart. Thank you ladies *hug*
The second close-up shows my tags from May O'Connor and  Barb King. May's
tag has an amazing 3-D snowflake and Barb's tag has some beautifully stamped snowflakes and multi coloured ribbons. Thank you ladies *hug*
And last but certainly not least is this huge tag from Jan Smith. The die-cut Reindeer head is amazing and button nose is very cute. I love the 'Live Laugh Love' sentiment she has used and of course the little Jingle bell hanging on the mini tag. Thank you Jan *hug*
So. Are you completely jealous? Sorry, if you are but these are MINE!! Thank you Soo very much ladies I will treasure them :-D
Now I'm off to see what you are all sharing this week........
(I'm hoping it's chocolate - hehehe)
Sending Love n festive hugs from, Mo xx


  1. Great collection of tags! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful tags, but you didn't get the nicest ones! I did (Or perhaps we all did!) Hugs, Valerie

  3. I think you're probably right Valerie. What a real bunch of gorgeous tags were made, sent & shared :-D x

  4. Beautiful bunch of tags. It really was fantastic to share our tags and get to see some of fellow taggers' work in real life - when are we gonna do it again?! :o)

  5. Fab tags Mo, I agree with everyone, it was great fun and a special way of sharing! x

  6. A lovely collection of tags, but I'm sure I got the best ones! Hope you've had a fabulous Christmas, Jane xx


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