Monday, 14 January 2013

Letter A

Hi Everyone!
Happy New Year to you all.

Another year, and another set of tags! I am looking forward to our alphabet tags. 
I am a bit behind with my tags, as I was ill after Christmas, with an abscess on my leg. I have had quite a few of these due to the medication I used to take for my arthritis. After a couple of courses of antibiotics the abscess is healed, and I am feeling better again.I really liked  all your A tags, especially the stitched ones.
Here is my A tag:-

A is for Apple

The first thing I thought of for A was apple. I coloured up fabric and stamped on an apple,  then  I decorated by stitching in Trapunto to give a relief effect. It is topped by an A made from gold cord.


  1. Great tag! Love the way you have done A, happy new year to you, glad you are on the mend. X

  2. Great techniques - green apples are a favourite with me

  3. Nice experimental piece :) I love your gold cord 'A'

  4. Lovely colours - the gold goes so well with that rich green. Great techniques too - lovely effect overall.

  5. Good choice of colours for your stitched apple tag and interesting techniques

  6. Gorgeously rich colours and textures :o)


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