Monday, 11 March 2013

I is for Italic

I thought I wasn’t going to make it this week.  My wheelchair broke down last week on my way back from a sunny day at the beach! It’s hard to believe what a difference a week makes, it is snowing now!!  This left me somewhat Immobile and Incapacitated.  I’ve had Insomnia too, so it’s not been a great week!  However, not being able to get about gave me the Ideal excuse to stay put and look at all your fabulous tags!
Good news is that I’ve got my wheels back and all is well, even if I did get up before the birds this morning!
From Ideograms to Italic there are plenty of I words in Calligraphy! Here are just a few, they make up for the lack of J words tomorrow! 
Illumination is the decorated part of a letter or page.
Ink is the liquid substance used for writing. 
Stick Ink is Chinese ink that comes in a dry compressed form and must be ground with water before using it.
Interletter space is the space between letters.
Interlinear space is the space between lines of letters.
Ideograms, or pictograms, were the earliest forms of recorded language,,  
As the squared capitals were characteristic of the Roman Empire, so Italic was the typical pen form of the Renaissance. It remains one of the commonest styles of writing today. 
With such gloomy weather I was Inspired to make a tag to go with this spring poem by Helen Steiner-Rice. The poem is written in the Italic hand and Illuminated with winter and spring flowers.  I used watercolour instead of Ink for both the poem and the tag.

For my second tag I used just Ink.  First I made some Ink splats, then drew an ink-well with a feather quill.  Here they are all together:

Off now to check any tags I’ve missed,  I’ll be back tomorrow!
Bye for now,
Jane xx


  1. Nice tags. love your little drawing of the ink well and quill.

  2. Beautiful work Jane. The temps have dropped alarmingly here, too. Glad your wheelchair is making you mobile again. Take care of yourself, hugs, Valerie

  3. Gosh your clever Jane, another clever tag and very informative! It's freezing here! Hope your wheelchair is keeping its tyres on the road and getting you about! Keep warm. X

  4. Sorry to hear about your woes. Hope this week is better. Great tags as usual! You can't keep a good artist down!

  5. Super tags. I greatly admire anyone who can do calligraphy. hugs Mrs A.

  6. Another beauty!! And so informative too :0) Mo

  7. Lovely tags Jane ! sorry to hear you have had a tough week hope this one is much brighter :)

  8. wonderful tags, hope things have settled for you and your week has been wonderful


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