Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I is for ...

Ice Cream
 Silk applique cone stitched in ice cream colours  

Indian Herringbone stitches on the sugar cone, 
(the Indian Herringbone is Herringbone stitched one over the other )
 Interlace running stitch ~ down the side of the tag

and Isolated back stitch sugar strands in sweet pastel shades

can you tell I'm looking forward to the summer :)
Thank you so much to all of you who left such lovely comments on my
Hogwarts Hat tag last week they were so nice to read :)


  1. Sensational! Love the "sprinkles!"

  2. Lovely! I've been wondering for a long time...Is there any tricks or hints to hand stitching on paper?I know it should be thick enough but that's all I can think of.How's the waiting list coming along to be part of Tag Tues.? Denise

  3. Lovely tag, great embroidery! Valerie

  4. Brilliant, great stitches and colours, I can't wait for summer either! X

  5. Oh that looks so yummy! Lovely embroidery.

  6. Another gorgeous tag Yvonne. Love the stitched sprinkles and the button cherry and the herring bone on the cornet....well everything really!!!

  7. Fabulous tag... Brilliant needlework & design... Very clever! Hugs May x x x

  8. Its very clever the way you incorporate all these stitches into a design, I love the lovely pastel colours. I had my first ice-cream of the season yesterday, it'll be summer before we know it! Jane xx

  9. Mouth watering tag, Yvonne! I agree with the above comments, just fabulous!
    Jane x

  10. you've made some cool tags! this one is yummy. thanks for checking out my blog and for your lovely comment.

  11. Looks just like the real thing. Hugs Mrs A.


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